PROJECT TYPE - Brand Creation

CLIENT - Pinnacle Drinks

SERVICES - Shelf audit, Brand Naming, Brand Identity, Illustration, Graphic Design, Packaging Design

YEAR - 2021

We crafted this hard seltzer brand from name creation to the party graphics that wrap around the can. We wanted to represent the unique moments at a music festival, and give a nod to all the special times we've been missing (2021 creation!) that really, only a music festival can provide.

The logo needed to be one that would not just shout the brand name, but one that could also incorporate interchangeable flavours, as well as call out selling points of 'Low Cal' and 'Low Carb', a pretty punch result!

Easily interchangeable template was created, where colours and text changes were all that was needed to create further Passionfruit and Berry and Lime releases.

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