Sanctus Brewing Co

PROJECT TYPE - Brand Creation

CLIENT - Sanctus Brewing Co

SERVICES - Brand Foundation Development, Brand System Design, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging Design

YEAR - 2019

The core definition of a brand is simply a promise to customers. In the creation of the Sanctus Brewing Co brand, their promise was their outstanding quality of beer.

To communicate this promise, we came up with the idea of the 'holy grail'. The name 'Sanctus' has religious ties, and the tagline 'Brewed in God's Country' plays on this theme too. We decided to explore the ancient quest to find the holy grail, much like a beer lover’s quest to find the holy grail of beers.

Beer is to be worshipped, and this is the underlying message in this concept. It was also important for Sanctus to have visual ties to 'God's Country': their local surrounds. The icons within the checkered area of the can labels all represent different aspects and sometimes physical locations within the Clarence Valley.

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