Pursuit of Hoppiness

PROJECT TYPE - Limited Series Packaging Design

CLIENT - Hargreaves Hill

SERVICES - Graphic Design, Packaging Design

YEAR - 2020 - 2021

By exploring different ingredients in beer, Hargreaves Hill pushes to the very limits with this limited series. The ‘Pursuit of Hoppiness’ explores how far one can take a hop in a beer.

We designed a template Hargreaves could use as a ‘blank canvas’ for these limited series’, allowing maximum room for artwork while maintaining strong and consistent logo placement.

Using textures that are bright, bold and different every release, these cans were designed to create hype. Each release was highly anticipated by their fans, which grew throughout this series.They flew off the shelves, which of course was the outcome our client is looking for.

For more HH go here > https://hargreaveshill.com.au/

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