Firehouse 51 Brewing

PROJECT TYPE - Brand Creation (Brew Rocket Grant)

CLIENT - Firehouse 51 Brewing

SERVICES - Brand Foundation Development, Brand System Design, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging Design

YEAR - 2022

It's was an absolute honour to play a part in Firehouse 51’s mission to empower people to positively influence our world.

The as the first #brewrocket grant recipient, the Firehouse 51brand development filled up a special part of Craft Instinct's soul. We worked closely with Haz from Firehouse 51 to design a brand system for his social enterprise. Every element is considered, nothing is without meaning. All this will be used across different applications and brand touchpoints to create a strong, diverse yet consistent aesthetic for Firehouse 51.

Through detailed ink illustrations the artwork includes true to life firefighters and equipment (carefully supervised by Haz who is an actual firefighter to make sure we got the details right), visually portraying Firehouse 51's involvement with emergency workers, and ultimately, their well being.

Learn more about this amazing purpose led business here >

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