Narrow Tracks Brand Creation

PROJECT TYPE - Brand Creation

CLIENT - Narrow Tracks Distilling

SERVICES - Brand Foundation Development, Brand System Design, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging Design

YEAR - 2020

Narrow Tracks approached us to help them create a Nashville Moonshine inspired brand that also reflected their unique selling point. Their base alcohol is distilled using local sugar cane in Cairns, QLD. A perfect pairing for Cairns weather, Narrow Tracks uses local ingredients to create their flavours. The brand design uses textures from cane sugar paper, combined with a subtle palm tree patterns to represent Cairns, while also giving it the Nashville flavor with a black label and a distressed and distorted typeface. The black label pops against the vibrant colours of the different liquids, finished off with a branded tamper seal. We created this brand design to ensure this brand would deliver a unique drinking experience that captures the heart and soul of far north Queensland.

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