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craft instinct's craft beer label design folio


71 percent of drinkers use the label to make a purchase decision. Give your bottle (or can!) the best chance to be tasted. Let us craft a look that consumers will choose on instinct. 


white rocket unfiltered ipa - 650ml bottle

Exploring 1960's printing techniques (as well as deep space) gave inspiration for the White Rocket label. Digitally mimicking the lithograph style, the label has texture to stand out on the shelf, teamed with popping retro text, its a design that's hard to miss!

bramble product shot copy_sml.png
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The bramble blackberry and elderflower saison - 330ml bottle

A collaboration between two of Victoria's best breweries was an exciting project to be involved in. Taking visual inspiration from Sailors Grave Brewing's unique illustrative style used across their range, the design was implemented into the Hargreaves Hill seasonal label template. The Bramble was a fun, light hearted creation, to be drunk in the height of summer.

mosaic lager - 355ml can

This beer is a very unique tasting lager, due to the mosaic hops (lots of grapefruit notes in this one) it is quite bitter, with an IBU of 45. We needed to demonstrate the difference of this lager to regular lagers through the design. The design depicts summer through the light citrus colour scheme, with a focus on the very literal visual of the Mosaic Hop. 

THE BREWSHED COLLECTION - seasonal beer branding

Every brewery has their core range labels, but what about seasonal releases? Just like with a core range, seasonal labels need to have the brewery brand easily recognisable, but also have room to have a little fun. Seasonals are also generally not as profitable core ranges as they are such short runs, so creating a template that is easily switched is a smart move.

Hawthorn Brewing Co's seasonal range 'Brewshed Collection' labels are set up this way. The green colour, plus the name and font will be switched out for the next release, with all other elements remaining static. We used existing elements from the HBC core range including the ship and border pattern, and also kept the 'old-timey' tone of the existing brand to create this secondary seasonal sub-brand.

When I designed my first label, I thought this is it, I’ve finally found my calling. Its amazing to discover a career that doesn’t feel like work.
— jessie jungalwalla, pack leader of craft instinct

Zenith IPA 

Silver in Packaging awards at the AIBA 2017! The word zenith, means 'above all else', and this IPA really does live up to the name, and of course the label must as well. Using a celestial theme of stars and the moon cycle, which are indeed above us all, the Zenith label was created. Hargreaves Hill required a focus on the 'z' so we made it as big as we could! A four-pack carrier, plus case design completed the package. We used a simple stop animation GIF to promote the beer online.


harvest pale ale - 650ML bottle

This is was a very special limited edition beer from Big Rock in Calgary. The brewmaster kept bees, and planted certain flowers around the hive so a particular flavour of honey would be produced. Using this honey, hops he grew in the brewery garden, and barley he harvested himself from a nearby field this very special pale ale was produced for the Autumn harvest season. The time and love that went into this ale needed to be communicated, so a hand crafted, warmly rendered label that told the story of each ingredient was the solution.

Blackhearts Lone Wolf  330ml Can

Lone Wolf

A collaboration between Blackman's Brewery in Torquay, and Heartbreaker Bar in Melbourne, Lone Wolf is the first of a series released under combined brand name 'BlackHearts'. This small batch release asked for a simple yet eye catching text based design, with the the red in executed in a foil emboss, just for some extra shiny pop factor.

Salt N Pepaberry Gose Tap Decal Design

For the special release that doesn't make it to the bottling line, the tap decal is your story telling platform, and has to jump out at drinkers from behind the bar. This AIBA gold medal award winning gose was a truly magnificent ale, brewed by women on International Women's Day, 2016. The name of the beer inspired this colourful girl power decal, designed to pop from the rest of the taps at the bar, with an attitude!

7B California Common - 355ml Can

This can artwork honours the memory of the famous beer judge and general beer world hero, Michael Jackson. The wrap around illustration shows him judging the brews, while his vote was for '7B'. This can was featured in the popular 'Swinger Pack' 12 can variety pack.

I love you Jess. Again, you reached inside my brain and pulled out a picture......
— Jody Hammell - Brewmaster, Big Rock Brewery Vancouver

  The former design for the Rock Creek Cider range

The former design for the Rock Creek Cider range

The rebrand for the new Rock Creek Cider Range

Rock Creek Cider - a rebrand project

Designs can get old, but the product stays just as delicious! Time for a rebrand. Rock Creek Cider were about to bring out some new flavours in the range, so a perfect time to update their design. Rock Creek Cider is one of Canada's most popular ciders, so the new look had to maintain elements from the old design, so original consumers would still recognise it on the shelves.


The full Rock Creek Cider range, packaged into a 'fruit crate; themed variety pack.


Discovery Pack

Variety packs are a great way to showcase your range, and encourage consumers to 'discover' their favorite. Hawthorn Brewing Company needed a 6-pack box design that would jump out from the shelves, separately showcase each beer and its qualities (IBU, EBC, Alc/Vol, food pairing plus description) while maintaining the HBC brand. A welcome challenge, the solution above.