Craft Instinct
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The 2016 Ballarat Beer festival was another cracking event for beer industry and the punters alike. An impressive display of fine ales and lagers, it was amazing to see the lift in quality across the board after only 1 year. Aussie craft breweries are indeed catching up to the other 'advanced craft beer industries' of the world, which made me proud!

A perfect 27 degree day, with a pretty stellar line up of musicians (lots of women this year I noticed!) set a great atmosphere for drinking delicious beer.

Stand out beers for me was the collab brew by West City Brewing and The Craft and Co, beautiful salty and sour gose, and Stomping Ground's double IPA. Hop Nation's mango juice gose gets and honourable mention too, very very juicy. 

There was one IPA however, I could not drink, and I had to spit it out! Off flavours all over it, but as I'd just spoken to the guy about his branding (and possible improvements!) I did not want to go back and complain. Nobody wants to be that guy....

Afterwards I did the rounds of local waterholes with the Blackman's Brewery crew, favorite being Athletic Club, as tables were set up right in the middle of the working brewery, amazing atmosphere!

Cheers Ballarat, until next year!

Jessie Jungalwalla