Craft Instinct
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The journey begins...

Well here we are, the first blog post for Craft Instinct. What an exciting time it has been starting a new business. Coming up with the idea is one thing, executing it surely is a separate thing entirely! From choosing the name, to agonising over the logo/website/advertising/social sure is hard to work on, and make decisions about your own stuff. A funny point I've learned though, is that is what our clients are doing when they work with us, they are working on their own business. They aren't selling their products, they are doing the one thing many business owners find it hard to do, work ON rather than IN their business. I just want to put it out there, that I've learnt how challenging it is! Still, it is rather exciting launching. Even more exciting is being in the position to help craft breweries sell more beer. I'm excited about our business model and it's potential to make a good old dent in mainstream beer's side. Who knows what the future holds but right now, with a new business, and spring coming instinct tells me that there are good things to come.

Jessie Jungalwalla