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Niche skill sets, passion for craft beer & spirits, flawless communication and trust. It's a pack thing.


how we work

Craft instinct is a network of skilled freelance partners who share common values and a passion for our work. We can be assembled at anytime to work on a range of projects. Our offices are virtual, which means our fees are based purely our service (not penthouse office space!). The Craft Instinct pack is lead by creator Jessie Jungalwalla, who assembles the project team by matching the target outcomes to specific skill sets. No project is too big or too small, the pack is responsive and flexible. Jessie project manages each job and anything it entails such as printing or web development from beginning to end so you can get on with your work and only have to communicate with one person.

All within it know that the craft beverage business has unique needs, challenges and opportunities; Craft Instinct was specifically designed to service these.  Our creations are born from a wealth of design and branding experience, knowledge of product, understanding of brewery business operations and a deep passion for craft beer. Meet the pack here

Jessie has been an absolute delight to work with. She turns around simple jobs in an instant – and seems unable to curb her creative instincts when given something deeper to work with, going above and beyond the brief and clearly having fun along the way.
— James Smith, The crafty pint



When Jessie Jungalwalla first arrived in Canada in 2010 to tour the country playing drums in a rock band, she had no idea she would end up living there, nor of the romances she was about to encounter, one human, and one with the liquid gold we call 'craft'. Fast forward to 2014, Jessie is living in Vancouver, BC working as a graphic designer for Canada's oldest and biggest craft brewery, Big Rock. 2015 saw Jessie's obsession for craft beer hit new heights, not only designing, but also as the brewery events coordinator, as well as running brewery tours, getting cicerone server certified, home brewing and of course serving delicious Pacific Northwest craft beer. 2016 Jessie returned home to Australia, with a plethora of craft beer experience in an advanced industry under her belt. Determined to use her skills to in the local craft industry, as well as maintaining her clients in the northern hemisphere. With a strong desire to see the craft beer become the norm and spreading the good word to the mainstream drinkers 'there's better beer out there!' an idea started brewing... 


why we do what we do

The craft beverage industry is more like a community. Competitors help each other out, if someone makes a great product, everyone is stoked, because we all get to enjoy it. It encourages a 'quality, not quantity' attitude to drinking. It is full of colourful characters, it's art meets science and it is fiercely independent. Its an industry you can fall in love with, and want to be a part of.

While so much blood sweat and tears are poured into production of beer and spirits, we all know that if people don't see it, they won't buy it. To sell in this increasingly crowded marketplace is a challenge. You cannot compromise on design, as in doing so you let all your hard work go to waste. We want to see every brilliant beer and distillery visually shine to reflect their offering, and in being a part of that, Craft Instinct shines too.

Craft Instinct was born to fill a gap in the market for craft beer and spirit based businesses that before now have only had the option of choosing between branding agencies and solo freelance graphic artists. Matching quality of work from the agencies, but being able to offer a price closer to freelance levels, Craft Instinct can offer members of the craft beverage community everything they need to be loud and proud in the visual marketplace.

— Craft Instinct mission statement

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